The Amazing World of Insects

Safeliz Kids
Author: Celedonio García-Pozuelo Ramos

The Amazing World of Insects

With this book, Editorial Safeliz and the author give the reader a simple, but rigorous, introduction to the universe of insects and other little animals.

Taking a few minutes to observe to the naked eye any of them, insects, spiders or worms, we begin to understand that they are beings wonderfully complex, authentic mini “stars”.

Again, we put at your disposal the wonderful teachings and virtues of the nature’s beings:
• The extraordinary maternal (and paternal) cares of many insects.
• The “intelligent” behavior of the bee and many other bugs, instead of their reduced dimensions.
• The incredible miracle of metamorphosis. . . and much more.

We invite all the family to enjoy an extraordinary adventure that will take us to
penetrate in the mysteries of Creation and His Designer. Those mysteries do not
leave anybody indifferent. Have a nice adventure!