Flavors of the World

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Author: Raquel Caja Galán

Flavors of the World

Eating is one of the basic needs of human beings, one which brings pleasure and directly influences our health. Thus, food should be tasty, healthy, and nutritious. Furthermore, when we add diversity and versatility to what is already delicious and healthy, we get what might be considered an ideal proper diet. This book aims to present the ideal diet.


FLAVORS OF THE WORLD is a collection of 90 delicious vegetarian recipes, typical of eight geographical regions of the world. It uses ingredients that are easy to find. It lets you discover the gastronomic reality of Europe, the North America, Latin America, and Asia, among others. FLAVORS OF THE WORLD offers various options of salads, sauces, appetizers, desserts, soups, and main courses so you can enjoy unique flavors as well as take care of your health.


May the best dishes of the international cuisine be a part of your meal, bringing variety, flavor, and health!