250 Recipes for Healing and Prevention

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Authors: Dr. George Pamplona Roger - Dr. Malaxetxebarria

250 Recipes for Healing and Prevention

This work presents 250 recipes that use over 130 different foods, which can prevent and cure a multitude of diseases. The vegetarian recipes included in this volume are recommended for nearly 150 diseases and are presented according to the organ or body part that most benefits from their use.

Dr. Pamplona-Roger, research physician and highly-experienced author, collaborates with Dr. Malaxetxebarria to provide an in-depth analysis of the composition and nutritional, preventive and curative value of each recipe.

The recipes proposed in this work are useful during all stages of life: for children, pre-teens and adolescents, adults, and elders. Diseases such as stress, infarcts, high cholesterol, ulcers, cancer, and many more, can find part of their prevention or cure in the recipes suggested in this book.