To Adolescents and Parents

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Author: Dr. Julián Melgosa

To Adolescents and Parents

There may be no other time in life that is more complex and turbulent than adolescence. It is a transition stage, where all doubts and uncertainties are manifested and during which, nevertheless, crucial decisions must be made about the future.

This unique work has been developed for adult to know and be able to understand the new generations, as well as for young people to be able to understand their elders. The author, Julián Melgosa, psychologist and a recognized communicator, describes for us the causes of the generation gap, while offering practical advice for bridging this distance, which many times can seem impossible to do.

The book is comprised of 8 chapters, distributed over more than 190 pages. All of the information is accompanied by photographs, charts, and diagrams which help organize ideas and facilitate understanding.